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To provide Safety & Loss Prevention services, through the various aspect of Technology     


To deliver excellence in the field of  safety services to society at large.


Integrity, Diversity, Safety and Reliability, Excellence, Innovation

    Personal safety is a very important part of our lives. Most people take safety for granted, presuming that no one will target them. Others, due to employment or other factors, are more aware that their personal safety is extremely important. This is where the executive and personal protection comes in. No matter how small or large the threat, Twenty 4 Ventures group limited is fully equipped to serve anyone who needs protection.

    One thing which will continue to grow every seconds, every minute and every hour is Technology. It refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use, create, manage and exchange information. In Twenty 4 Ventures Group Limited, we ensure all the subsidiaries are up to date with adequate knowledge in this domain to serve our Clients, Customers and Employees.  

    Anticipating safety measures for the prevention of accidents, emergency or distress situations or any loss is the third key of the Twenty 4 Ventures group limited. All the companies under this group are designed to provide solution to this objective. 

    To Sunil, running a successful business means “finding the right people to fill the right position.”

    Breakthrough technology anticipates problems; lasting companies anticipate markets. I look for companies that stay in demand through changing market conditions—no matter if I am the founder or investor. I search for IDEAS that anticipate a need, and INVEST in PEOPLE who think ahead.


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